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What are marron

Marron (Cherax cainii) are a freshwater crayfish endemic to the South West of Western Australia. The pristine waters of the South West offer an optimum growing environment for these crustaceans as they are extremely  sensitive to water quality. Though marron occur naturally in streams and rivers, the numbers are low due to poaching and over fishing.

All Marron sold through Forest Fresh Marron is farmed sustainably in either ponds or dams which mimic the natural environment.  This type of farming has an extremely low impact on the environment and provides a chemical and antibiotic “free range” for the marron to develop.

Marron are the best tasting freshwater crustacean in the world according to several world class chefs and have more meat to shell ratio than other crustaceans. They vary in colour from black to magnificent cobalt blue due to genetic variation and when cooked become a mouthwatering orange. Marron can be cooked in many ways, the easiest and quickest is by boiling. For a delicious and attractive alternative they can be butterflied and barbecued!

Visit today

Come in for a visit to take some marron home for dinner!  At the same time, you can give the kids a thrill at seeing the live animals. We are happy to show you around. Cooking instructions are available and we also have loan pots for your convenience. If you have the time to wait, we can cook your marron for you for a small $7 fee.



Hidden River Winery have partnered with us to cook your marron at the winery! Simply take your live marron to them and enjoy a succulent, fresh meal at their pristine location.

Transport packs available to keep your marron alive for up to 30 hours.

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We can send live marron to most places, please call us to place your order. See our ordering page for more information.

This service is currently unavailable due to renovations. 

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