Ordering Marron from Forest Fresh

When you order from Forest Fresh Marron you are buying direct  from the farm. Forest Fresh Marron is supplied by over 60 local marron growers. By sourcing our marron from local producers, we can maintain a consistent, reliable, high quality product throughout the year.

Our facility holds Marron for a limited time enabling distribution from a single point. Within 24 hours of being ordered your live marron will be delivered to your doorstep (within Perth area) or to all major and many secondary  airports country wide.  We prefer to talk one on one, marron is sent live so it is important to get the delivery details correct to protect their freshness.


You can also pop in when in Pemberton, see home page for opening hours.


Marron are usually available from Forest Fresh in six sizes, depending on the time of year.

Prices range according to size:

100-150g $60.00/kg   

up to 

  400g+ $77.00/kg

As marron are a seasonal produce, availability changes daily so please call to see how we can help you. Packaging and freight costs are additional and depend on weight and location. We are happy to help you with this over the phone.